Sunday, July 25, 2004

No, no, no Jay Z... the question is... can YOU bounce with ME?

So today has been a great day so far!  I woke up in a wonderful mood.  Not sure exactly why, but still it was a welcome change!  :)  Last night was fun.  Josh and I went out to dinner and had crab.  mmmm.  good stuff.  I drank a few cosmos and it was fun!  We had a great night!  Then today we went to IHOP for some Paradise Pancakes, which I have been CRAVING because of the commercials.  They were good.  I feel better having tried them.  lol.  And now I have had them and I don't need them again.  lol.  JOsh bought me a pair of running shoes and then we went to Barnes and Noble bought a ton of books.  We are starting to work out and read more, rather than sit in front of television and waste our evenings.  So that is good.  :) 
anyways, now I need to put laundry away now.  I am making sushi tonight!  :)  That should be good!
more later!
it's a beautiful day!  :)

also, today I looked in the mirror and again liked what I see.  THat's a nice feeling.  I think perhaps venting in here yesterday helped.  thats good!  :)

~the bobo~
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