Thursday, July 29, 2004

"You know, where you turn a radio off cause some song reminds you of him... and it pisses you off cause it was your favorite song... not his."

Just a quote from Nat that I could relate to.  I hate those moments when you think of someone who you don't particularly want to think about.  Of course hers is because she is still in love and mine is because my ex hates me!  lol.
Anyways!  So today was a good day.  Short day of work, but was good.  Now I am tired and have the whole night to myself because Josh has to work late.  Man, what am I gonna do?  it's weird to have time home without him!  lol.
He bought me flowers yesterday which was awesome.  He also was real sweet and said things that gave me those dumb girl butterflies.

I love butterflies.

Sometimes I just like to reflect on the simple fact that life is good.

really good.
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