Wednesday, August 18, 2004

let me clear my throat...

So I am definitely sick. Which is unfortunate on a lot of levels. 1) I am all alone here in our apartment and need my loving boyfriend to play bedside attendant. 2) I am contageous and can't work and 3) I am bored out of my mind and cant leave because I feel like ass! Damn!
Anyways, so I have not heard from Josh since Monday so I am a little sad. I know it's hard for him to get to internet and his cell phone is not working, but still. I miss him lots and wish I could get to talk to him.
Hopefully today he will get to a computer and can send me some love. we shall see.
on an up note though- my AC is fixed so it is no longer 80 degrees in our apartment! lol.
well i am going to lay and watch "taking lives" and think about Keifer. i love him.

more later I am sure
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