Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Whats the buzz... tell me whats a happenin?

So you know that feeling that you get when something is up with your boyfriend or girlfriend but when you ask they tell you there is nothing wrong. So then you find yourself questioning if A) you are thinking there is something wrong and it is all in YOUR head... or the dreaded B) there is something wrong... and it's wrong enough that they dont want to tell you...

I hate that feeling.

I hate feeling like I am making up something in my head, but I really hope thats the issue... I dont know what on earth could have happened in the last 3 days that could have actually caused issues... other than the fact that I fell off of my no-drinking wagon and thats always a treat for the other person I am with... lol.

I dont know.

I wish I did.

I hate this feeling.
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