Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Who needs sleep? Well you're never gonna get it...

So I have been having major troubles getting a good nights sleep. Not sure the cause of my delima, but it is starting to catch up with me and I am feeling EXHAUSTED in my daily routine. Especially since I have a classfull of kiddos to keep me up to speed all day and I need my precious energy. And I am coming down with a cold or something, but it is driving me crazy.
Other than that though life is good. I have Josh's ball on friday night and then saturday Tami invited me to go to a football game, but I dont think that is going to happen. Beth and I might go shopping and then out on Saturday. That would be fun. We are getting anxious for JOsh and Michael to meet. I really hope they get along as well as Beth and I do. It would be nice. :)
Well tonight I took some Niquill. Hopefully that will help with the sleeping, Also all wrapped up in my favorite blanket and drinking some Sleepytime tea. Hope all of this adds up to a good and restful slumber.
Wish me luck.....
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