Saturday, August 14, 2004

Who's gonna do nothing with me everyday? You need to leave, but I want you to stay...

So Josh had to leave for Cali this morning. Both of us are so annoyed by it, but there is not much we can do except suck it up and just hope the next few weeks go by real fast. lol.
So the apartment seems really empty without him here. I know that we spend all of our time together (literally unless we are at work we are together) and so I am sure that I will lonely at times, but I plan on reading and catching up on movies he wouldn't want to see (case and point tonight i will be watching 13 going on 30) lol. And the weeks certainly do go by quickly usually so keep your fingers crossed all.
I was hoping with the hurricanes and all that perhaps the weather would get bad fast so that he would not have to leave today, but then again that is just delaying the inevitable. But still. one more night would be nice to have.
man. what am i gonna do when he leaves for Iraq?! At least then I will have my family to hang out with and be with etc. I miss them lots. Wish I could just up and go home for this month with him gone, but it doesnt work that way when you have a job. Oh well. Thus is the life of an adult.
I was just thinking yesterday when josh and I were driving around in the car how great we are together. How we are each totally ourselves and never have to pretend or do all the bullshit that other couples do. I love that. I am not going to get all sappy, but sometimes I am just reminded how much i love him and how well we fit together. :) It's good to have that knowing feeling that things are a-okay and both people are satisfied. :)
Also he left his car here and i love it. I love driving in it. Jeeps are just so fun.
Well, thats all for now. It's dark like night here so I am hoping the storms start soon.
more later :)
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