Sunday, August 22, 2004

with nothing but a t-shirt on...

so yeah I definitely realized today I am obsessed with Jessica Simpson. I think I have gotten over my Britany obession completely and moved on.
Lord she cracks me up too.

I was talking with Christen about this and we actually had quite the long conversation... all over Britany vs Jessica vs Christina.

God I am pathetic.
Anyways, just had to share that with the world. and by world I guess I mean anyone who reads this. so i guess I mean taylor.


i need a drink. which is funny since i don't drink anymore. I did buy a bottle of wine the other day when i was feeling like shit. which was a mistake, duh, but it has sat in the refridgerator. Amazingly enough I haven't even been that tempted by it. crazy huh? So I figure perhaps I will fall off the wagon for a night when my baby comes home! We shall see.

anyways, thats all for now!
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