Sunday, September 26, 2004

I'm watching the sun stumble home in the morning from a bar on the east side of town

and the coffee is just water dressed in brown....


Well, good morning to all. Life has seemed so sparatic lately I find it difficult to be able to sit down and just take the time for me to write. I haven't really written anything lately. Aside from the jumble of worthlessness that I jot down while my kids are napping at work. But shockingly enough nothing all that interesting comes of the Kindercare atmosphere. :)
I can't believe it is almost October. Looking outside I remember how much I love the fall... the changing of the leaves, being able to wear big sweatshirts and jackets and jeans without looking like a complete scrub, football season, the smell of apples and pupkins... and of course HALLOWEEN! :) oh man I love Halloween. Makes me want to be in college again because oddly enough, people in the "real world" don't so much celebrate the holliday. And I don't want to just go out to the bars and drink. I want to wear a costume and get candy. or at least give it out to little ones. Man, when I have kids... they are going to be so freaking lucky around Halloween. Oh, and Eddy will for sure be wearing himself a costume this year weather Joshua wants him to or not. :)
Beth and i have the fall festival at work (of course these days you can't talk about Halloween because some parents are dumb and dont want their kid celebrating it... dumb.) so we call it the fall festival. But everyone wears costumes and we do things like a haunted house... so... yeah. it's halloween. Beth and I can't decide what to wear. We are going to dress alike we think. I wanted to be a fairy, but I don;t think she loves that idea. We're talking about getting a tattoo together. I need to make sure it's something I really want first. I like my first one, but I feel as though it could be a fools decision to get another one when I am nearing my mid twenties. Of course Beth will be 28 so I can't used that as an excuse so much huh?

It weirds me out how far apart my friends from college and I are now. And we are each living these awesome, but totally seperate lives... Each day existing in a new world having nothing to do with each other, yet eternally bonded together because of the experiences we shared and the friendships we hold dear. I miss them greatly, but as I continue on in life, I feel better about the distance. Of course I would prefer it not be there, but that's life. Ever changing in this eternal cycle... fading... with the wash cycle and the rinse cycle... lol. sorry.....

So I do find myself missing that good ol Midwestern Fall... It's cool here, but to me it's more like a cool summer day. It's still way warmer than the falls I have been used to in the past. But perhaps as the season gets more underway, if you will, things will be cooler.
I also miss Purdue football games. I just realized that. Those were some fun times. It's too bad that Blayne and I truly have some awesome memories that we will never be able to talk about with each other because there is nothing left to say to each other. There will never be a friendship there, and it used to bother me, but it just doesn't anymore. Not that I am as cold as that makes me sound. But I truly want the best for him and I want the best for myself... and us being friends is not condusive in any way to either one of those things. But I will always think of him in a good light. I am glad that I have gotten to that point. Because of how poorly things ended (understandably so) I was having trouble remembering anything good, but now things are coming back to me and thats nice.

So now I am going to go to my living room, where Joshua and Eddy are playing rather vocally. I love both those men in my life. I feel bad that sometime Josh has to put up with the me that is PMS.... lol. I just get annoyed so easily and he gets the brunt of everything. Poor guy. He truly is a wonderful guy and I love him very much- even when my judgement is clouded by estrogen... or alcohol... one of the two. :)

Well, more later all!

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