Wednesday, September 01, 2004

So don't try to change my mind, I'll tell you one more time... it's none of your bussiness.

So first of all, every thing is a-okay with my love and I.... I am just a drama queen who reads into EVERYTHING...
secondly, it pisses me off when people decide they need to know everything about my life. or feel that I need to tell everyone every little thing that happens. So when I vent on here or on say, Livejournal, which I STOPPED writing on because I didnt want everyone to know every little thing that happened in my life... anyways, so when I DO vent I get judged on my venting and what I say.

guess what? yes, I vent online sometimes. But at the same time, everyone doesnt always get to know everything. And FYI, thats my perogative. and if you dont like it- STOP READING.
It's my life. I talk about what I want. And if I want to quote lyrics because it rings with my feelings, let me do it. ANd if it's somehow wasting your Livejournal time then skip it. But get over it.


in other news life is good! :)

oh and...

here comes little naked me padding up to the bathroom door
to find little naked you slumped on the bathroom floor
so i guess i'll just stand here with my back against the wall
while you distill your whole life down to a 911 call...

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