Sunday, September 19, 2004

Who let the dogs out...

Hi all! So yeah, life has been so super busy I have literally not had a free second! So J and I got a puppy! :) His name is Prince Edward the Black but we call his Eddy. He is the sweetest little guy EVER! He is taking up our every free second though! Like right now we are having a bit of free time because the Edster is asleep! :) He is a bulldog and just the cutest thing. I am glad that we got him first (we plan on getting a Boxer too, but want to wait until the little Iraq thing is over!). He is so awesome and yet still drives me crazy! lol
So anyways just wanted to drop a line. Everything here is great! J and I have been going out with Beth and Michael a lot which is fun! :) I love that girl she cracks me up!
Things in life are wonderful right now though and I am loving it! :) I love the weather right now and even our apartment is looking nice! :)
Life is good! Now I need to go check on the pupster!

more later!
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