Sunday, November 07, 2004

It's a great day to be alive...

This was a good weekend! Went shopping on Friday for Christmas presents and we ended up not buying one thing! lol. However we did manage to go out to dinner and both get sick so that rocked out... lol.
Then yesterday was Beth's birthday. So we went out with her and Mike, Jennifer and John, and Kathy and Ed. It turned out to be a really fun night! The wine I had kicked my ass, but other than the drinking and then (as per usual) picking a fight with Joshua, it was a really fun night. I felt bad for Beth because she was sick and so she didnt even eat anything. She has not been doing so hot with the whole being pregnant thing... lol.
Eddie graduated from Puppy school... exciting I know all. But it was cute and we have some cute pics of him in his cap. God we are such freaks. :) We bought him a new collar. It's black leather with silver spikes all over it. it cracks me up.
And today we went to the Commisary and to the park and out for a bit. it was fun. JOsh has duty, so we were here and there and everywhere but in the end we spent the whole day together.
After being with all of our married friends last night, JOsh and I were talking about going to the JOP before he leaves and just getting married. Then when he gets back having a huge reception or a wedding then. Monitarily it is just a good deal. We already had planned on getting married as soon as he gets back from iraq, but if we did it before I would have his medical insurance and we would be making more money a month etc. but who knows. We also said we could do it while in St Lucia. For some reason the older I get, the less I care about having some huge wedding etc. I am more excited to have found the person I know I am supposed to marry, than the act of getting married... if that makes sense? lol. I dont know. We will probably stick with the plan, but who knows. i guess you only get one wedding day.. and I would never want to hurt his family or mine. I suppose I shold be engage first though, eh?!
Well, we are going to head to bed, but i will write more later. I need to get better about writing in this, but I suck usually!
more.... later.... promise....
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