Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Going to the chapel...

I know, I know, I know... I have sucked hard core at writing in this thing, but I cant help it! Life has been SOOOOOOOOOO busy!
So I'm engaged! Which makes me smile from ear to ear. Josh and I went on leave and spent some time with his family and mine as well before our trip down to St Lucia, which was AMAZING! :) He asked me to marry him on the first night we were down there... and I wanted to call my family etc and they already knew! Then I wanted to call his family and they already knew as well! lol.... so that was funny.
the trip was amazing, too.... if anyone ever gets the chance to head on down to the West Indies I highly reccommend it!
So I have to go now because our dog is whining for me to get him out... Josh leaves in a few days so that means we have to have EVERYTHING ready to move by tomorrow! BLAH!
I hate that story!
more later all! :)
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