Thursday, May 12, 2005

Anonomous Posts and AC

All of the air conditioning vents in my car face me.

I had never really thought about it until I was headed out for my lunch trip to Cingular Wireless (don't get me started on those rat bastards right now). The car was hot- filled with sticky sunshine and muggy spring. I flip the AC on full blast and sit, waiting for it to somehow quell the overheating of my body. No luck. I still feel hot. It doesn't cool down fast enough for me. And so I go to turn more air vents towards my drivers seat.

That's when I realized that all of the vents face me.

And then the anonymous blogger's post from yesterday entered my mind. "You have got to be one of the most self involved people I've ever known."
When I first read this I wanted to lash back. When I sleep at night visions of banter and sarcasm dance in my head, so throwing a little back at this anonymous asshole, er, blogger would not be much of an issue. But as I sat in the car I realized anonymous was right. I am a bit self involved.

But aren't we all?

Don't we all want what's best for ourselves? It goes back to my theory that no good deed is totally selfless. We all get something out of it. I know all of you in cyberspace are probably going to bitch and moan, hatemailing me with all of your charity and do gooding ways. My theory in no way makes you a bad person. I'm just saying everything is a little selfish. You give to charity, walk away feeling good that you have helped someone else; you got something out of it. You're a big brother or a big sister helping a child who needs a role model. That's commendable- but you have to admit you feel good about it, as you should, but it does help feed your soul. And that's something we all strive to do. Just as writing feeds mine.
The point is, who isn't a little bit selfish? And maybe I might come across as a bit more selfish than the other blogs you read. But ask yourself- then why do you read mine?
I don't expect people to agree with everything I say. I don't expect everyone to like me (although I don't know why they wouldn't... I think I'm great). But I refuse to censor myself because what I have to say might not always jive with society or my friends or even you, dear reader.
I love for people to read my blog. I love to hear feedback. I'm not trying to alienate any old readers or perhaps new ones who have stumbled upon this most unentertaining vent (I promise my next entry will be as spicey as the dinner date I had last night!).
So please. Enjoy. Come again. But if you don't like what I have to say... don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Oh. And can you please point your air conditioning vent towards me? I'm hot.
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