Monday, May 09, 2005

The Chocolate Cake

There is a battle raging in my office right now. Not of words, brawn or even wits. A battle of self control. A war between the ladies who lunch and a chocolate cake.
At most offices, especially those where prominently only women work, food becomes a center piece of the day. Someone bakes over the weekend and thus brings in a treat for the co-workers. A new recipe is tried out and brought in to be sampled by the mouths of the office. A quick morning stop off for coffee prompts the pick up of a dozen donuts. A special treat to give an excuse to sit around, talking, eating and enjoying a well deserved caloric binge.
The above is not my office.
We do not bring in treats. When clients buy us food it is destined to sit until someone throws it out or takes it home. It's offerred to everyone: "Go get a cookie" "take some chocolates home to your husband" "Isn't anyone going to have one of these?". But everyone, down the line, refuses.
At our office we talk about spin class. Running at lunch. Salads for dinner. And more often than not, we talk about the one who gave in. The one that the temptation was too much to handle.
And 99.9% of the time that one person. Is me.
I try to say no. Just say no, right DARE officer? My office is Peer Pressure Central. Stay healthy. Eat greens. No refined sugars. Work out. DON'T EAT THE CAKE. However, I was always taught not to fall prey to peer pressure.
No one told the new girl the unspoken rules here. Don't bring food in- we won't eat it. Woman after woman walk into the kitchen. They stop and look at the enemy, then throw a sneer in the direction of the new girl, grab their coffee and walk out. Some throw one more glace back, just to let the cake know that they'll be back. Or perhaps to schedule a late afternoon rendevous in the pirvacy of her office.
So now I sit. One eye on my computer and one on that damned chocolate goddess. I don't know how long I can avoid a confrontation. But I do know one thing- that gooey bitch is going down. Maybe not now, maybe not even in an hour. But some time today the cake has a date with destiny.
For now I'm just waiting to see who will cut the first piece.
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