Friday, May 27, 2005

Love and Politics

I am a passionate person.

I am passionate about life, love, friendships, food, music, sex, religion, and yes, even politics. I'm passionate about television for god's sake. I think it's the only way to live, to embrace all of these things, explore them and open your mind to new ideas and revelations that might normally come your way. The key is having an open mind.

That is why I don't like Republicans. Yes, I am aware that this is a double standard and, admittedly, a bit closed minded of me. But in my defense, I'm just waiting for one to change my mind. When I hear a group of republicans talk I feel my annoyance level rise. These men (they're always men it seems) rant and rave in loud voices about those "damn liberals" spitting the words out bitterly. I sit and listen to them talk about the crazy ideas... Gay Marriage (make sure you whisper the word "gay" it's sort of like having "cancer" apparently)- why would "those people" care about getting married? Equal rights? Bah. Civil Unions are good enough for "them." And what's with the women complaining? They get to work now. And vote even! I mean, of course they don't make as much money as men, they're women. They're only working until they get married and have babies anyway. The husband is the bread winner. It's the American Way- one nation under God. (with the Capital G. lower case g means your going to hell.)

That has been my experience with many Republicans. Challenging their view means your wrong. The world is black and white. So what about the rest of us who live in the grey? What do we do?

We marry Republicans.

I'm marrying a Republican.

How did this happen? When did I become attracted to this strong, oppinionated, argumentative man? This man who pushes me to the edge of my sanity when we argue, this man who argues with me for fun?!

How? Because he is passionate too. He is smart, educated, and entertaining. He gets worked up over issues in the same way I do, although at times we are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. He knows what he's talking about (unless of course he is pulling his facts from the famous "Josh's Book of Facts" which he frequently brings to the table). Part of the reason I fell in love with this frustrating man is that he can keep up with me. In fact, he often times keeps up with me, passes me, and leaves me breathing in his dust, wondering where he went.

We can argue for hours about certain issues, and even though we know this, we continue to tread on this icy surface, until we crash into the water below, when we finally strike a nerve. But then afterward we both come out dripping wet, freezing and we know the only warmth we have is by holding on to each other.
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