Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sex and Cornfields

I don't have sex in cornfields.

My friend is starting an article called "Sex in the Cornfields." It is about young people's sexual experiences here in Indiana. I like the idea. I love the thought of making sex something that is not taboo, but open and easily talked about. But the title got me thinking...

Sex in the cornfields.

Who has sex in cornfields?

You might point at right now that I live in Indiana... the state of corn. Just because I am from Indiana does not mean I have ever had sex in a cornfield. There is not even a cornfield by my house. In fact, I am not sure how to get to the nearest cornfield. Wait, that is a lie. 2 years ago on Halloween I went to a haunted cornfield. I remember this because I was peeing when a hayride drove by (I was drunk- get over it) and I got so nervous I fell on my face in the corn. But other than that, I don't know where another corn field is, nor could I return to the Halloween one seeing as how I was intoxicated. I do know they have corn at the grocery store. And I have had sex there.

That was a lie. Just for shock value. I apologize.

I did not have sex in the grocery. I have made out in the freezer of a grocery store though. But sex there was never all that appealing.
I should also note that I worked at said grocery store while in high school.

But now I am off of the subject thinking about sex in grocery stores, rather than corn fields, which is what this entire entry is about in the first place.

Who does that?

I suppose if you were a farm kid with other farm kids and you had no other place to have sex but the cornfield, then the cornfield it is. But still... why not the hay stack? (Do people actually still have hay stacks?). Corn would seem most uncomfortable, but hay... that could be hot.
I always had this fantasy about spending the night in a hayloft. When I was a kid I used beg my parents to build one in our backyard. My parents never gave in. But, oh, the memories that could have been made if they had just said yes.
Instead, we had a pool and a hot tub, which provided sufficient memories, but none so unique as a loft of hay in which to roll.

This is my most random of entries as of late... but if you are reading this and you have had sex in a cornfield, let me know. I find it most intriguing.
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