Friday, May 06, 2005

Two Kinds of Ice Cream

"Why don't you write about happy things?" she asked me.
"What? Like rainbows and puppies?" I laugh.
"I just feel like I don't know you when I read your writing. You just don't sound very happy."

This interaction has prompted this entry: perhaps I need to clarify myself...I am not an unhappy person. I am however not a happy person either.
To me, happiness is not a personality trait. With the exception of say, Mary Steffel who I think was happy every time I saw her from the 6th grade until high school graduation, I find very few people who identify themselves with happiness. Happiness is just one of the variety of emotions that we derive from experiences. And I find happiness every day.
Happiness emerges in moments of time. In conversations with old friends. In the first bite of my appetizer at Emmerils in New Orleans. In riding in my jeep on a much anticipated spring day. Happiness practically knocks me over when Josh kisses me.
I experience happiness every day. I also experience sadness, passion, anxiety, giddiness, insecurity, fulfillment and a million other emotions in between. I am open to feelings and I allow them to flow freely from my heart, to my head and finally out through my fingertips (and quite often my tear ducts as well).
And this is how I live. Constantly experiencing, always feeling... and loving every minute of it.
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