Saturday, June 11, 2005

Good Night for a Drive

I had dinner last night with an old friend... one of the unicorns, of course. She was beautiful as always... her hair lighter than I remembered it, but her smile as warm as always. Familiar. It was good.
If I'd have felt better I might have made a night of it with my dear Katherine, but seeing as how my stomach has been turning cartwheels for days now, I declined and went home.

I took a detour on the way.

Not sure why, but sitting at a stoplight and "Wonderwall" came on the radio and I was making that familiar right turn onto 136th, headed towards my past. I thought of him and wondered if he was home. Had he returned and just not told me?

I sat at the four way stop.

The crossroads of more nights that I can truly remember. If I continued on, there was

High school parties, drinking, the first time I ever saw porn, best friends.

Facing me now was Ryans.
I thought of Notre Dame, pathways to success, a gold ring, secret wishful kisses, and an accident.

To my right- Lindsey.
Popularity, football games, prom, graduation, deception and in the end: betrayal.

I thought about driving past any of these houses, to see in their windows and peer into my past.
Instead I chose, as usual, the left hand turn. I took the short cut down the most familiar path of them all. At the end of the street I stopped and looked at Mike's house.
All the lights were all, a white, glowing beacon it had been in my darkest hour. As I drove by I tapped my horn, as always, and continued on my way. I knew he wasn't home, and why I thought he would have returned without letting me know is, again, an example of my complete and utter ridiculousness that can invade even my friendships.

It was an enjoyable drive. Thinking of these ghosts from my past and remembering all of the good with each of them. A little of the bad too, but those times seem less important now. I don't particularly always miss these people I used to know. But I'm glad they were a part of my life. They helped weave the fabric of who I am today. They left their impressions on me and I've journeyed on without them. But every now and then I like to reflect back and remember my friends.

And in the oddly cool air of an Indian(a) summer night- it was a good night for a drive.
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