Thursday, June 23, 2005

Paint Me Beautiful II

So after I wrote Paint Me Beautiful this afternoon it has since inspired (as always) another bad poem.

If I lay myself down
and close my eyes tight
would you sketch me a story?
I'll be your canvas,
draw what you like,
just use bright colors
and don't paint any flowers
or rainbows
or happy endings.
Paint what you see.
Make up my me.

I want you to paint me-
paint me beautiful.
Make me see what you see.
Open my eyes with your brush strokes
and then paint them purple.
Make me have long hair
and then color it sparkles.
Don't tell me that's not a color.
Make it one.
Then kiss in on my hair.

Make my skin darker than yours
and paint on a thick skin.
Make it at least an inch-
maybe even two-
make it so thick that
no one gets through.
Or leave one thinner spot
reserved only for you.

Paint what you like
and fill in the rest
with my flaws-
make them real.
Don't forget the bump on my nose
and my ugly feet.
Add on the scars from surgery-
there's three so you know.
Put this all together and
make me art.

I want to be created.
I want to be adored.
I want to be painted beautiful.
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