Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What I Needed

Today I woke up sad. Lonely. Missing.

So when the invitation came up for coffee, I accepted. The day ended with... familiar. Which was good.

I needed that.
I needed to listen to mix CDs while admiring houses on Meridian.
I needed to be made fun of.
I needed to make fun.
I needed to be told I was an idiot.
I needed to know that just because he didn't email doesn't mean he doesn't care.
I needed to know that others do.
I needed to laugh all day.
I needed you to stay until the storm passed, talking about music and movies and people we knew once upon a time.
I needed to dance like a fool.
I needed that friendship that I had been missing for years now.
I needed to listen to that song we both know on repeat.
I needed to make plans to get excited about.
I needed to talk about his return.
I needed someone to tell me he's lucky.
I needed to remember... that a lot of people love me... for more than one reason.
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