Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Realizations of a Humpday

Things I've discovered as of late:

*Time passes slower the closer you are to happiness. It's just a fact. Don't argue with me on this. I've done the research- I know my shit.
*I look good in yoga pants. Whoda thought?
*I suck at yoga.
*Green tea makes me feel awesome. It also makes me poo a lot. But let's be honest- what doesn't?
*Drinking seems like a good idea before I do it, and perhaps while I'm doing it, but never after.
*I feel better when I don't drink (shocker).
*I write better when I do.
*I am a terrible speller and if it weren't for spell check most of what I write would be mumbo jumbo.
*I look awesome in brown.
*I look terrible in pink.
*I love to wear pink.
*Seeing my fiance for the first time since he left for Iraq is both exciting and scary all rolled into one intense emotion- it's amazing.
*I can't always tell the difference between what really happened and what I dreamt.
*Diet Pepsi always tastes a little off to me.
*My ex boyfriend from high school is one of my most favorite people in the world.
*Fun co-workers make me excited to go to work.
*Hanging out with my family is often times more fun than with my friends.
*I'm going to have amazing in laws.
*I need to live in weather that is always in the 70s.
*I miss Sunshine Club with my girls.
*I want another dog, but I don't need one.
*Pizza is the ultimate food.

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