Monday, August 08, 2005

Love and Flat Tires

I have a flat tire.

I was walking out of my office with my eyes glazed over my jeep. 'I need a car wash,' I thought to myself. Then my eyes lingered a bit on my driver's side rear tire. "Do I have a flat tire?" I asked Rachael. She examined.
"Yep." She confirmed my fears. After declining her offer of a ride home, I did what any independent and self sufficient woman would do.

I called AAA.

I mean, hello? I pay for it. (By which I mean my mother pays for it- yes. I know I'm spoiled- get off me). But the point is it's being paid for- so I might as well use it.

But now here I sit. In my office, over an hour after I should I left. AAA has still not come, although the promise of under 60 minutes looms in the air. And I should be shitty. I should be craving alcohol in large quantities to get over the end of this day.
I'm not.

Instead I am sitting here looking at my pictures of Josh and myself. And what is amazing, and I mean truly amazing, is that just thinking about him and seeing his face makes me happy. The knowledge that I have this incredible man in my life, who puts up with all of my quirks (the good ones and the bad ones), who challenges me, infuriates me: inspires me. This partner that I respect, as well as love. And sometimes I need to be reminded of that- especially on the bad days.

If only he were here to change my tire...
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