Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Love Poem

I can't write a love poem.

Every time I feel inspired by love- which I consider myself lucky because I do on almost a daily basis- I sit down to write. And it all comes out cheesey- so lame- so... cliche. And my feelings are anything but cliche.

When I'm feeling lost I can write about it. I can pour my soul onto paper like water from a dixie cup. I can write when I'm sad. When I feel as though I've lost love I suddenly become inspired. Inspired to make others understand, or to regain what I've lost. Either way I can write like a bitch. ("bitch" being a good term- I have to define these things for my mother).

I always want to write.

I want to express my feelings in a way that makes others want to write their own down. I want to be jeffrey mcdaniels. or ani difranco. I want someone else to respect my words, and in turn my feelings. I write all the time, I carry a journal in case something mundane inspires me and I just have to write about it then. But whenever it comes to love I tend to be as creative as the architecture of Purdue University (no offense Purdue alums... I went to Ball State- you can mock me now).

I write about every personal feeling I have- yet I keep the most important of those feelings locked inside of me. A lock I've grown so accustomed to I don't know how to break it. I suppose it's relatively predictable. My most sensitive self, locked inside this hard shell, determined to stop anything that tries to break its way inside. It's a way of protecting, staying safe. Keeping a distance.

But I'd like to write a love poem. Maybe I'll try it one of these days.

Don't make fun when I do. :)
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