Sunday, August 28, 2005

Who Hearts Bad Poetry?!

Yeah just throwing out some bad poetry- we all do it!

This poem doesn't rhyme.
It doesn't make love-
it's not about sense.
just so you know.
I wanted to wear a sweater today
but god turned up the heat
to boiling.
She must be baking.

So now I'm laying under a blanket
someone else crocheted
sweating out the poison
of self pity,
but drinking a hot tea called Lonliness.

I felt your breath on the
back of my neck
but then my dog humped me
and ruined the mood.

I don't want to talk
but no one leaves me alone

I wanted to say
your mouth is ripe.
But I like kiwi in the winter
and snow angels in the fall.

When I watched you walk away
I wanted to call out
you have a beautiful back.
But instead I listened to your footsteps
recording them in the soundtrack of
so I could replay them
the next time I
made love to a ghost.
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