Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I had lunch today with an old friend.

I laughed more than I have in a long time. It's amazing how one person can light of your life and bring an amazing brightness to an otherwise blah and beige kind of day. Thanks go out to Robbie for making my day sparkle!

So I am going home for BSU's homecoming this year... and I have to admit. I'm pretty much pumped. The thought of seeing old friends that I have not seen in years thrills me to no end. Erin and I plan on going to Muncie on the previous Friday night (an open invitation to all of you BSU folk, by the way) and stay at the Lees Inn... Or frankly wherever we can get in! I don't care if we have to sleep in the lap of Benny, I will be at Ball State!

Not a lot of people know much about Ball State. I would venture to say that most people don't even know where Muncie is. Maybe some don't even know where Indiana is... but that's just silly. Ball State is... a fun school. Has a lot of awesome programs, most of which I know little about; In fact, I know little about any other world at Ball State other than my own Department: Theatre and Dance.
I had an awesome and weird college experience. Get up in the morning, put on dance clothes underneath regular clothes, go to "normal class," then into classes for my major where I cried, danced, sang, and laughed all day. After class was over began the real work. Hours spent preparing for a rehearsal, lucky if I got to shower in between, late nights at the theatre and studio, working on my own projects, class projects, homework at 2am, or early in the morning when I would wake up to start it all over again. Add in lots of alcohol, of course... I mean, it was college.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing group of friends who shared this whole existance with me. There are times I miss waking up in "The Snatch Patch" (which was the name of our house, thank you very much), on Saturdays (when I didn't have REFLEX, the improv troupe I was in), going into the living room to lay on the sofa and sober up, watching HBO with my house mates. An array of people from all walks of life, it always made it nice to be at home. Living with 6 other people, you never get lonely. I remember going out for the last party of the year (huge party that is). It got busted at the first house, so we stole the keg and moved on. Busted again. Keg in the back of the truck and move on down the road... Kissing keg stands, Taylor and her $5 bill... the memories are endless. After the keg had run out my roommate, Erin- and we won't go into the antics of her and I that night, however if you were there I am sure you recall...- anyways, so Erin and I took the walk home together, only to discover in our wandering that the party had moved yet again... to our house.

The thought of this night always makes me laugh.

I loved this time in my life for many reasons, and I will always cherish those who shared it with me. They know a part of me that others never will. And I hold each of them in my heart. And I can't wait to see them again.

Meet me at Benny, guys. :)
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