Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Saturday

If I had pictures I would post them from my Saturday night. But instead I don't so I will just have to entertain with my stories.

Got the Leanne and Jarl's on Saturday night and had time to catch up with them for a bit. Liz showed up about half an hour later. It was amazing to be around Liz and Leanne (and you too Jarl!). The energy that the three of us emit is in-cre-dible. Also, both Liz and Leanne are rexy! Holy skinny batman! And liz has long hair- like a mermaid- I kid not! They both look beautiful, as per usual.

So we headed out for some Mexican at El Rodeo. Cheap food, good drinks, good times. We proceed to order the 47 ounce margarita, and let me tell you folks, no matter how small your Mexicano waiter tells you it is. It was HUGE. Awesome and amazing and drunky. I spoke Spanglish all night and I am sure that he hated our table and lack of Spanish skills. But we certainly made ourselves laugh. Leanne only knows how to say "sit down and shut your mouth." Which she said. Repeatedly. Luckily, our server laughed. We convinced him that Liz and I were a lesbian couple or "el lesbiano" as we told him. He was amused. And a little turned on. As he should be. I think the people we met there were exceedingly not entertained by us, but oh well. Again, we laughed a lot.

After dinner we went to Taylor's pub where we proceeded to drunk dial people, even though we were not quite drunk. We found a jukebox and played tons of music. Drank lots of blond headed slut shots and beer. We found a 21 year old guy who was celebrating his birthday. We took shots with him, and he proceeded to fall in love with Liz. I was accosted by a man, before pawning him off onto Leanne, who's husband quickly played defense for us as we ran from the bar. Blaring ghetto rap in Jarl's BMW we took off to downtown...

Downtown... oh sweet wonderfulness of you... went to a club I had never been to before. An odd mixture of people, but in general good music and a fun atmosphere. Dancing was a must, and of course, hello? Have you met us? It was awesome. I tried to pawn guys off on Liz, as always drunk men adore me. To no avail with most of them, so I took to running away. Literally over to Leanne and dancing with her. We both accosted Lizzie, trying to give her a kiss, as she hates girl on girl anything- even a hug. She was substantially gooed out with Le finally planted a wet one on her. It was awesome. After awhile the dj began to play what I like to refer to "what the fuck" music. Like you're dancing, having a good time, singing along, and then... what the fuck? Yeah. I hate those moments. Liz and I bartered to get into the VIP section. And for only 260 bucks we could have had the room cleared and only us allowed in. We decided against this plan, as I have found, in Indianapolis the VIP section is pretty lame in most places. Although Leanne and Jarl have said that "Six" has an awesome VIP... martini's dusted with Pearl dust... I may have to check that out some eve.

The night ended with hotdogs from a street vendor- because we all know that even the skinniest girls eat when they're drunk. Nothing like beautiful thin women, decked out from the club, walking down the street with mustard on their face. :) Class-y.

Home was more drunk dials, and then passing out, only to get up the next day to see Lee and Jarl's new house and hit up the Bob Evans. mmm. mmm. good.

And that, my friends, was my Saturday- how was yours?
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