Thursday, September 01, 2005

Prove Me Wrong

I feel completely devastated by the scene in New Orleans. I have truly never seen anything like this happening in our country. As I sat watching Primetime I was overwhelmed with emotion. It feels similar to my feelings watching the towers go down on 911. Emotional and horrified- for different reasons obviously.

These people need our help and I feel completely helpless. Other than the ability to donate my money to the Red Cross or other organizations for a relief effort, what can I do? I sit watching: confused and frustrated by what I'm seeing. There are dead bodies in our street, sick children and elderly waiting outside for help, no water, no food.

No hope.

What horrifies me even more is to know that there are monsters who are taking every advantage of this tragedy. Raping, beating, killing, shooting down helicopters who have come to help. These are the truly evil souls.

How can a country who has so much be at a seemingly stand still in this so very desperate time of need? How can the President of our Nation sit in an interview with Diane Sawyer and imply that things are under control? How can he say it with a smile on his face. There is nothing to smile about Mr. President. To say we have a "zero tolerance" for the looters from a grocery store... We can send thousands of troops to Iraq, to fight on someone else's soil, but we can't seem to help the victims of Katrina. I wish I could think we're in the hands of a good leader. But I just don't think we are.

I hope he might prove me wrong this time.

And worse still, how can I view a television show on MTV called my Sweet Sixteen and watch American youth throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars towards a party, and know inside that these very same people probably have no concept of the horrors occuring in their own country. Or even care. And I, in my own way, have supported these people, by viewing their ridiculousness, while I put my brain on autopilot and let the tv take me away.

I am just absoloutly shocked, saddened, and terrified for these people.

I truly hope help really is on the way.
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