Friday, September 30, 2005

Quest for the Evil Pixie

Tomorrow is October. October. rocks. my. world.


Ever since I was a kid I have loved, no, I mean loved, Halloween. Like, I want to make out with it. But that's just getting too personal, even for me. I love the holliday. I love costumes and parties and trick or treaters. I adore carving pumpkins (I even take the guts out- nothing scares me!). Bobbing for apples, making caramel apples, hay rides, haunted houses. Yeah. I pretty much love all that.

When I was a kid, I remember always striving for the best halloween costumes. Of course, growing up in Indiana, it was always ruined by the fact that it was so cold on Halloween night we were all forced to cover ourselves up with coats and jackets so we wouldn't "catch a cold." Despite my arguments with my parents (to this day) that one catches colds from germs, not being cold- they still disagree and urge me to put jackets on (this happened last night- not even kidding). There's nothing quite like a Halloween in the snow. Been there. Done that. More than once.

Last year Josh and I went to a Halloween party at my (then) boss's house. I was determined to have an awesome costume. There's something to be said about Halloween with people you work with... You only ever see them in work clothes. Boring suits, ties, the occasional jeans for casual Friday. Halloween definitely brings out the colorful side of their personalities. And I was determined to show mine. Josh and I walked into the huge costume warehouse (yeah I don't sew, so I must buy the overpriced pre-made costumes). Josh immediately was drawn to the boy things. You know what I mean. Masks. Scary ones. Evil Killers. Demons. I attempted to do the cute thing where couples go as, well... a couple! An angel and a devil, a priest and a nun, two woodland fairies (yeah... he didn't go for the woodland fairies either). But, alas, he did not want to join me in my quest for the Halloween Costume.

I examined the walls of pictures... French maids, little devil costumes, vampires, play boy bunnies (no, I did not even consider it), and all other sorts of costumes, which pair lingerie with animal ears and call it a costume- don't get me started on that! Then I saw it. The Evil Pixie. I'm not sure what drew my eye to this costume... But I loved it. I knew it must be mine! Then, as my eye scanned, my heart sank.


I cringed. It couldn't be! This had to be a mistake. I grabbed the nearest "customer service representative" I could find. (a.k.a. high school boy).
"Is this true?" I asked him. He looked at me, a little vaguely, without recognition of what I was asking. I pointed to the sign. "Sold out. Is this sold out?" I asked. He stared. We were getting nowhere.
"This pixie. This one RIGHT HERE." I pointed for emphasis, perhaps he was more of a visual learner. "Is it sold out?" Finally his young eyes lit up a bit. He understood.
"Oh yeah. That's gone." He said simply and walked away.

I was heartbroken.

I went to find Josh, seeking his comfort in my time of need. What did I find? A demonic evil...thing. Masked and cloaked and holding a sword. Yes, this was my fiance. He was ridiculously happy. And in my dissapointment over my failed Evil Pixie Costume, I had to laugh. Halloween turns us all into big kids- and it's that one time of year when that's okay. I ended up being a vampire last year, and it was a good time. We went to my boss's party where I ended up real drunk, and falling down in the middle of the street... yeah. Classy, party of one, right here.

This year, my whole family will be getting together for this bowling party. I know how lame that sounds, but when the family gets together- it's awesome. So we all will be getting dressed up again- however the evil pixie would be less than sucessful around the fam. So I am thinking a woodland sprite or something else of that nature.


Maybe next year will be my evil pixie year. Keep your fingers crossed.
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