Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Random Updates From My Mind

My weekend was... in a word... great! :) Saturday night with the girls was fabulous. There is just something to be said for having amazing friends like them! Sometimes it's easy to forget how wonderful my friends are- thanks for the reminder girls!

However, my girls did remind me that my best friend is the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. (Really it's an inside joke- as Nicole is the best friend of my college friend and came to one party and used to call all the time). But it still makes me laugh- especially since I sing "Don't Cha" all the time, all the while never knowing I was singing along with an aquaintance. Small world.

Work has been busy. I would discuss it more, but then I'd just get fired- and who needs that?

Been missing Josh more and more each day. Was a little overly emotional on Sunday, especially when I thought I was not going to hear from him. But, of course, he made everything better in a phone call that evening. He is always the one who makes everything better. I am a spaz- emotional, wild, passionate... and he is my grounding. It's pretty awesome.

If anyone watched "How I Met Your Mother" last night Josh and I totally have the Olive Theory happening- I hate them- he loves them. Therefore it all works out! :)

Also- I did love the line in that show of "I am totally putting this in my blog." Oh Doogie... you still make me smile.

Okay, this entry is random, but just needed to update a bit.
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