Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Discovery Zone

I discovered this weekend that I am NOT alone in my adulthood... I actually had a lot of discoveries...

1) I discovered that the specialty martinis at Motinis pretty much taste my cough syrup.

2) I discovered that drunk men who won't get off of me are NOT deterred by my pretending to be an item with Erin. All it does it make it more hot to them. Don't try it ladies.

3) I discovered that Trivial Pursuit is an awesome alternative to a bar.

4) I discovered that my friends and I can sound like the meanest girls (think the movie Mean Girls...) alive... but have the biggest hearts inside.

5) I discovered that I love Red Bull. Okay, I already knew that, but this weekend pretty much sealed the deal.

6) I discovered lies told to me years back about a good friend were, in fact, lies. I wish I'd known it back then... but in the end I'm just glad I know it now.

7) I discovered that they sell jewelry for your... girl area. And: it's clip on. *note: I discovered this while visiting my old roomie who works in a porn shop*

8) I discovered that prank calls from me to a boy we call "Special" will always be funny. Always.

9) I discovered that I'm so over the actual events of Homecoming it's not even funny.

10) I discovered that drinking said red bull that I love and eating Greeks (oh god, so good) gives me severe diarrhea. I know. Too much information...

11) I discovered that having severe diarrhea with friends is also always funny.

12) I discovered that a coffee meeting can last 3 hours, and not one
minute of it can be boring.

13) I discovered that fights from the past mean nothing now.

14) I discovered that a 12 peice bucket of KFC and 3 large sides is more than 3 girls can handle.

15) I discovered that staying in and talking all night is better than any bar we could have gone to...

All in all, a great weekend, spent with two awesome friends.
I love being reminded of the amazing women I have in my corner.
Erin and JR pretty much rock! :)
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