Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all!

So, thanks goes out to all of my blogging friends for their supportive comments on my last entry. There are just those days when I feel completely down in the dumps about my body, etc, and no matter how much I try to pull myself out it tends not to work so well. So I definitely appreciate the comments...
Special K is still going strong. Not sure I have lost any weight on it, but whatever. It will happen. I just don't know why there has been a weight gain... a good 3-5 pounds, but oh well... hopefully soon I will shed the extra poundage! Keep your fingers crossed for me world!

This weekend was a fun one!
Jody and I and friends went to Howl at the Moon on Friday and broke my "no drinking" rule. Felt like crap the nexy day for it, but Howl was a good time, probably one of my favorite places in Indy. But now I am back on the no drinking wagon- no sense in not being able to eat and then drinking empty calories!

Saturday I went bowling with my family- which was a great time. Stayed up WAY too late on Saturday night talking to Sarah and watching SNL, but a good night. Sunday was filled with CLEANING OUT MY STUFF. With the wedding looming in the sort-of-near future the time has come for me to get rid of the crap left at my parents house. And damn, there is a lot of crap! But so far so good- the entire top of my closet is clean and 2 boxes have been cleaned out!!!!!!!!!!! Great start!

Well, now I am off to try to get some more work done (try being the operative word here). Hope everyone is having a GREAT halloween so far!
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