Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Let’s talk about spam.

I love getting email. I hate getting spam. But in the email it’s easy to detect- easy to delete and rid of my inbox. However, this new thing of spamming my blog... I am definitely a hater of this. Because it gets you not once but twice.

First, when I check my email- it says I have mail. It’s lying. I have spam. Wtf. However this spam is cleverly disguised as a comment on my blog. I get a little excited, admittedly... A new reader! Someone new likes/hates what I have to say... Then BAM.

I’ve been spammed.

So now I have spam in my email AND my blog. Will it never end? As if it’s not enough that I get barraged every day with crap via snail mail- now I can’t even escape in cyberspace.

So attention to all:

No, I don’t want penis enlargements. I have no penis therefore need it not enlarged.

No, I don’t want to look at your Halloween Costumes... Unless you have the Evil Pixie- then I might consider.

No, I don’t want Viagra. My fiancé is 25 years old... we’re not quite there yet, thank you very much.

No, I don’t want to check out your website- I’m not going to purchase porn so move on dude, move on.

No, I don’t want anything you have to sell.

And finally, no, Muhebsajhd Su Quiansk, I do not want to take part in your business opportunity to put your 60 Billion bucks in an American bank (which of course you will split with me, right?).

... please don’t spam me in retaliation, evil spam gods...
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