Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tagged again!

An oversight on my part that I was tagged by Phillip! OOPS! Sorry! here ya go...

20 Facts About Myself and tag the same number of people as minutes it took me to fill out the facts.

1) I'm so competitive that I just decided to do this as fast I can... wow. I'm pathetic.
2) I work out 4-6 times a week. I used to work out 0-0 times a week. I throw myself full force into everything I do.
3) Right now is my favorite season, and the only thing that could make it better is if my fiance were here.
4) I have no gall bladder.
5) I adore cooking more than I do eating.
6) The above is not true when in regards to seafood.
7) My friends and I get together every thursday to watch The OC- even though we are all in our mid to late twenties.
8) I have been listening to Jars of Clay in the morning on my way to work because it tends to brighten up my day.
9) I am hungry right now.
10) I quit drinking about 2 weeks ago- which doesn't seem like a long time, but for someone who used to have drinks every to every other day- that's huge.
11) My dog drives me crazy 40% of the time- but the other 60 makes up for it because he can be the sweetest dog ever.
12) I just realized my dog and I are much alike.
13) Sometimes I get sad for no real defined reason- I just can't help it. And when I'm sad- I blog.
14) I am still good friends with every ex I have, except for my most recent one and we were together the longest.
15) I hate the length my hair is, but i know I want it longer for the wedding so I have to let it grow. I hate letting it grow.
16) I often worry that people will see through all my confidence to find out that I am just as insecure as everyone else.
17) I love to go club dancing, but I hate the guys who try to hit on me there. They've driven me away. I intend to try again someday with me finace so he can scare them.
18) Once I drove my car into 4 feet of water and had to my pushed out my people who were doggy paddling around in it.
19) I have a newfound love of country music.
20) I am indecisive about my wedding details, the thing I am most excited about it the man I'm marrying.

okay that took longer than anticipated... 6 minutes... okay...
How about...
Rach, Steph, John, Romeo, Anisa, and Ian (because he has nothing better to do in the Peace Corps than this...) :)
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