Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Aspects of Love (who loves Andrew Loyd Webber!)

I was just reading through my daily blogs (see my Links) and I came across an entry by Kiki. After reading it, it got me thinking- especially after my observational post yesterday. The basic premise (although I highly encourage you to read it for yourself- Kiki is a great writer) is about whether or not many of us "settle" or really find true love. I thought I’d give my take on the subject.

I am a romantic. I know this about myself. I crave surprises and flowers and unexpected kisses. I watch chick flicks and I cry at the end of the "The Notebook." I love Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries and hearing the words "I love you" from the person I love. Having said all of this, I am also aware that romance is not just in "story book form."

It could be argued that romance is in the comfortable silence during dinner. It’s in the knowing what kind of pizza to order, without always having to ask. It’s in the acceptance that I don’t wake up wearing make up and that yes, I do, indeed, have gas from time to time. My body might not be the perfect size Zero (or DOUBLE Zero, which I only recently found out exists) and that maybe sometime his hairline might recede. Love is in the comfort you find with your mate- in those nights when it’s okay to just sleep- and in those nights when sleep is the last thing on your mind.

Movies today make it seem like every day is a fairy tale- and that’s just not the case. Every day is every day and finding the person you love to spend those days with, is, well, the best thing in the world. Nickolas Sparks writes books that makes me cry- but all the while I’m reading them, I have the knowledge that they are Fictional. They take me to a place that doesn’t exist. And when I see glimmers of that place in my every day life- I know that I am lucky. Flowers arriving at work, more kisses than I count, always having a hand to hold, and wearing the most beautiful ring I could have imagined- that’s romance.

I realized after posting yesterday, I might have seemed a little skeptical about love and partnership- and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am more in love than I have ever been and every day I wake up with the knowledge that I couldn’t be happier (minus the whole Iraq separation thing). I think that "true love" does exist. I can only say this because I think I’m living it.

And it’s awesome.
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