Monday, November 21, 2005

Case and Point

So as I wrote an entry about wanting to be taken seriously and treated like an intelligent human being, please read the following scenario...

This morning when I got dressed, I realized I had forgotten to lay out socks. So In the dark I grab a black looking pair. I shower, dress, and leave for work, not even thinking about the socks I chose to wear to my law office. As I sit in my office a coworker (attorney) comes in and start joking around. We talk for awhile, and he leaves. I walk out into the common area where a group of coworkers are chatting. I get a cup of tea and sit down to join in on the laughs. Previously mentioned attorney says "So I saw these socks the other day- but I think they were for women. They said "I'm HOT" on them." We all laugh a bit, and I say "Geez what makes you think they're for women?" being sarcastic- as per usual. He laughs and looks down at my feet.

Only then do I realize I have put on the black socks my grandmother gave me for Christmas one year... the ones with hot pink trim and little flames, announcing in bold silver letters that I, am indeed, HOT.

Yes. And I wonder why people don't take me seriously?

At least I can laugh at myself... along with the rest of the office...
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