Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chance Encounters of the Worst Kind

I shared a moment with a rapist
while I waited in line for pizza
last night.
I recognized him by his hair-
which is red-
like the blood of my best friend
he left behind
that night.
He held my gaze
searching his memory vault
for recognition.
I looked away
and broke our connection
while the butterflies vomited
in my stomach.
I was no longer hungry
and the thought of food made me sick
like the sight of his mouth-
his hands-
his face.
He watched me walk away
and I turned for one final look.
His eyes were still there-
waiting for their date with mine-
trying to recall the memory
of our circumstance...
And I couldn't help
but wonder how many other women
shared the same look with this man
since the summer of 99.

Meetings like this make me want to scream.
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