Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Messy Day

So let’s all acknowledge that I have complete writers block. I’ve tried some writing prompts, but to be honest, I must not know a great website to find them on- because currently I’m getting prompts for third graders. And I know at times I can certainly embrace my inner third grader, but I’d prefer not to write like one.

On a different subject, today has been my messiest day ever. Like, I honestly don’t recall being this messy since my finger painting days, or the week I took up ceramics (it didn’t last). At some point today soy sauce found it’s way down my (khaki) pants legs. Yes. Plural. Both of them managed, at separate times, to encounter the soy sauce from my sushi. My energy drink dripped down my top. Then a coworker offers me one of her french fries. (And yes, I know it’s not on my diet- get off me). I agreed, dipped in some ketchup and BAM. Ketchup crotch.

Which is, admittedly, hot.

In spite of my messy appearance, it has been a good day, and I do thank god that all of this additional decor was added post court this morning... "Good morning Judge ________, allow me to introduce you to my lunch..." Now that would have been as impressive as ever, (especially considering that I still fumble and stumble and feel like a twelve year old girl when I am in court as it is- there’s something about a Judge that just makes me nervous). Work went smoothly and I managed to get my desk completely cleaned off. And as I typed this statement our receptionist just put a fax on my desk.


Oh well. My day is over. I hope everyone else had a nice day- hopefully yours was cleaner than mine. Perhaps tomorrow will bring a more interesting post- apologies for the mediocrity all!
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