Monday, November 28, 2005

The Story of Us

So I've realized that I have never really told the story of how J and I got together... so here goes. I don't exactly look like a Princess in it- just a warning, but it turned out right in the end.

J and I went to different colleges, however got introduced one New Year's Eve at a party I was at with my (then) boyfriend. They had gone to high school together and shared a mutual best friend, Matty. At first J and I were just aquaintances. We'd see each other every now and again, mostly because his best friend and my boyfriend were fraternity brothers and friends from childhood- so we spent most of our time in group social situations.

J went to Korea the year I graduated from college (he's a year older than me). I graduated and moved home to Indy. I was still with my college boyfriend, but things were up and down most of the time- and he was living in Washington DC. J came home for leave from Korea for 2 weeks and decided to come visit Matt in Indy. They called me and I headed over to Matt's apartment, where I remained for the entire weekend pretty much. J was charming and funny and (duh) a hottie. He argued with me and made me laugh. We went shopping together and I picked out an outfit for him to wear. All in all, we were bonding and developing a friendship further than we had before.

I can remember going to a party together. We were surrounded by my boyfriends friends and I remember dancing with J. We flirted and danced, but kept it all strictly platonic. But, as we were going home from the party, sitting in the back seat of the car, a girl jumped out, ran around to J's side and started to kiss him. I felt a definite pang of jealousy, knowing full well that there was no way I could express this feeeling. I didn't even know exactly why I was upset. I blamed it on my need for attention, because, admittedly, I enjoy being the center of attention. She asked him to stay over, but he denied it. She left and went into her building, and he said how awkward that was. He seemed embarrassed by it, and who knows if it was an act or real, but it worked, and I fell asleep on his shoulder on the ride home. When we got there we started up a movie, and I was out like a light. Before he left after the weekend was over, we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. I remember chatting online with him every night while he was still in this country. He went back to Korea and I ended up moving to Washington DC, with the honest hopes of trying to work out my relationship with my boyfriend. I knew I'd always wonder if we had tried hard enough, seeing as how we had been together for over 3 years and never been in the same city.

So I ended up in DC, where things went downhill with the boyfriend. J and I continued to talk. He would call me from Korea and I'd send him cards and emails. I still look back at some of the sweet things he said to me in the beginning of our friendship. I'm not sure exactly when I knew I was interested in J... it just sort of developed over time. In retrospect I should have left my boyfriend before I did, but I was scared and had no idea how to end it. We shared an apartment, and for so long he had been my boyfriend- I didn't know what was the right thing to do. J was coming home from Korea and I was going home for the grandfather's birthday. J decided to come to Indy the same weekend I was home (go figure!).

A few nights before I left I went out to dinner with my boyfriend. We talked about our relationship, how he didn't know if there was a future, and we had no clue where we were going. After this conversation, I knew it was over. But of course, being the chicken shit that I tend to be, I left DC with loose ties to come home- not knowing what was in store- or what I wanted.

The first night I was home, I met up with some friends to go to a club. While I was there Matty and J called me to see where I was. I invited them to join me, and to my surprise, they said yes! My best friend, Jody, was out with me that night- and I told her about this "incredible guy" we were meeting. I remember the looks I was getting from my friends, so I quickly backed it up with a "you should TOTALLY hook up with him", knowing full well I would hate my life if that happened, but I felt compelled to defend my going on about J. I remember walking down the street in Indy and seeing J up ahead. He looked gorgeous- gave me the biggest hug ever and we headed into the club. After about 10 minutes, Jody walked up behind me and said "Yeah, I can tell I am not the one who will be hooking up with him." We danced the night away and I loved every second of being with him. Through our entire friendship he just made me happy. And it just continued. As the night progressed my friends began to bail out on me. I had been given a ride to my friend's so I was without a car. J and Matty offered to get my friend Jana and I home safe.

After the club was winding down, we left. Matt drove Jana's car, (note: she did vomit all over the inside of it) and J and I followed in his truck. Afterward the three of us headed back to Matt's.

Okay- warning. I get a little sketchy here. I know it.

We get back to Matty's. We stay up for a bit and then it's time to go to bed. J is on one couch and I on the other. We lay talking for a little while and then I did say (I am so embarrassed and I can't believe I am writing about this right now) "I'm cold."

I know.

Shut up.

So, J, being the gentleman that he is (and a little dense) he gets up, walks over to where I am laying, and promptly puts another blanket on me. "There ya go. Better?" he asks as he walks back to his couch. Although I think he just sat down this time, but I can't be sure.

Now, a normal girl would take this as being shot down and just roll over. But not this girl. I figured I had gone that far- might as well push my luck. "Well, better?" he asked again. I saw my opening.

"Not really... I'm still cold."


"Well, I could, um, come over there for awhile..." He offerred.


So J climbs next to me and... yeah. Nothing happened. That's the honest to God truth. We lay there talking, curled up together, laughing and whispering through the night. It's not that I didn't want to kiss him. Of course- I mean, hello? He's hot! Beautiful eyes, great smile, amazing body...

okay, now I'm just getting distracted.

Back on track. J and I talked late into the night and finally got around to the whole admitting that we liked each other. He told me all the sweet things that I wanted to hear about thinking about me ever since his midtour- and whether it was true or not, it totally worked. Never have I experienced such a want to kiss someone- and NOT done it. It was hot. I won't lie.

The next morning was... well, a little weird. Waking up beside the guy I've been friends with for months, finally admitting how we felt... plus the fact that Matt walked through to see us laying together! But the weirdness only lasted a few moments before we began our day. We hung out all day and enjoyed each other's company. I didn't know exactly what would happen, especially the next night, but seeing as how we had such an honest discussion the night before- I was anticipating more of the same.

Matt had a girl over, as did his roommate, and then there was J and I. We all stayed in, drank red wine, and I remember arguing and debating with J- as we tend to do- all the while holding hands under a blanket. Another night curled up and talking and I knew where we were headed. Nothing happened again- except for a kiss on his arm- and talk of what was to come.

I went to Washington and ended things with my boyfriend (which should have been done the night we went to dinner before I left- but...), J was in NC and we began our relationship.

Soon we're getting married-

and that my friends,

is the story of us.
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