Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thievery At It's Finest...

Yep. Stolen from Kiki... someone needs to steal from me now, just to add to the insanity...

smoked a cigarette- yeah... drunkenly.

crashed a friend's car- One night in college all of my friends were drunk and I was sober (yeah I know, right?!) and I had to drive us to Sunshine Cafe... and I hit a dog. And took a huge chunk out of my friend's bumper. In my defense it was icey and that dog came out of nowhere. My friends told me he walked away... my friends lied.

stolen a car- Uh, no ghetto.

been in love - Si. (that's Spanish for yes).

been dumped- Even though I, much like Kiki, rock as a girlfriend, yes, I was dumped. It sucked. I bought a bird to get over it, even though I hate birds. It totally didn't work. We got back together, and the next time- I was the dumper. Take that.

shoplifted- Unfortunately when I was a kid, I went through this phase...

been fired- I was told once to seek other employment- but it was because I reported Child Abuse on someone... yeah. I got fired for being moral. Wow.

been in a fist fight - When I was a kid I used to beat up the boys. But not really. I can verbally throw down like whoa.

snuck out of your parent's house - Negative. I was/am a good girl.

had feelings for someone who didn't have them back- Who hasn't?

been arrested - Almost- but thank GOD no.

gone on a blind date - Negative

lied to a friend- I'm sure I have.

skipped school- Yeah... in high school this one teacher let me go shopping with my friends all the time, so long as I brought him back a coke. I think he thought we were hot. Looking back, I'm fairly positive.

seen someone die - No- I don't think I could deal... I'm fairly emotional...

had a crush on one of your internet friends - I truly don't think so... except for all my awesome blogging buds... ;)

been to Canada- Yah... one of the many family driving trips.

been to Mexico - No, but I've been to NEW Mexico... which is WAAAAY better... Hello? It's NEW!

been on a plane- Oh yeah.

purposely set a part of yourself on fire- Again, no.

eaten sushi- Like, multiple times a week... :( It's sick really... I eat it SO much...

been jet-skiing- Nope, but I'd like to!

met someone in person from the internet- Well, I started to say no, then I remembered that my friend Jessica and I started talking via internet, but I feel like it doesn't count because we share real life friends...

been moshing at a concert - noooooooo. I don't like to get hurt.

taken pain killers- HOLLA! Get it gall bladder disease! And fybro! Yes. I've taken many.

loved and missed someone- Um, we're gonna go with a big fat YES on this one... and if you didn't know that you obviously don't stop by here much.

made a snow angel- Aw! Yes! I love playing in the snow!

had a tea party- Prolly as a kiddo. I'm real dumb like that.

flown a kite- Yeah. That's how I celebrated Easter on year in Central Park.

built a sand castle- But of course!

gone puddle jumping - Um, wtf? Like, I am sure as a child I splashed in them (and by child I mean yesterday) and I know I jump to avoid them as well...

played dress up- Yes, I have a vagina.

jumped in a pile of leaves- Yeah. I sort of really wanted to do that this year, but alas...

gone sledding- I live in Indiana - yeah.

cheated while playing a game- I'm pretty much the most competitive person alive, so... whatever it takes to win! (sad but true)

been lonely- sure

fallen asleep at work or school- Yah. Always at school, and when I worked at Kohls I used to make a bed in the backroom where I'd nap away!

used a fake id- Never needed to!

watched a sun set- I do enjoy a good sunset.

felt an earthquake - I don't think so, but one time they said there was an earthquake and I saw my computer monitor shake... so maybe?

touched a snake- Yeah, lots of times. I was always that girl who wasn't afraid, so I had to do it, eh, snakes don't bother me.

slept beneath the stars - Nope. Never even been camping.

been robbed- I had my purse stolen in 9th grade.

been misunderstood- Well sure!

petted a reindeer/goat - I like the use of the slash here. As if they are the same thing... like, "made out with a man/piece of poop?" Anyways... No on the deer of rein and yes on the goat.

won a contest- yah. I won Most Likely to be Famous. That's why I know I'm going to succeed... high school voting never lies.

run a red light/stop sign- yeah. And those bastards caught me with their sneaky cop cameras... damn them.

been suspended from school- Nope.

been in a car accident- Just little ones.

eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night - Ohhhh bulimia...

had deja vu - I feel like I've been asked this question before... (OMG can you HANDLE this funny?!)

danced in the moonlight - nope.

liked the way you looked at least one point in time- Yeah, I clean up nice from time to time.

witnessed a crime - I've seen many a people doing some drugs- does that count? I also witnessed the purchase of crack cocaine... that was weird.

been obsessed with post-it notes - dumb.

squished barefoot through the mud- Yep. I showered in the rain before. And I squished all around the yard.

been lost- Oh yeah.

been on the opposite side of the country- I'll do you one better- I wasn't even BORN in this country.

swam in the ocean- Yeah, but I'm generally petrified the whole time I am.... like, seriously, I'm scared of sharks. I also don't like to look out at vast nothingness and be in that nothingness... bad things, man, bad. things.

cried yourself to sleep- Yeah

played cops and robbers - I'm going with a no on this.

recently colored with crayons - No.

sung karaoke- Dude, ALL THE TIME.

paid for a meal with only coins- ... yes...

done something you told yourself you wouldn't- Yeah... like eat... (as she puts her soup spoon down...)

made prank phone calls- Shirley Claire (my alter ego) has made many of person's life hell in Muncie Indiana.

laughed until some kinda beverage came out of your nose- Actually, no.

caught a snow flake on your tongue- Yes.

written a letter to Santa Claus - I don't remember ever doing so... but I caught on pretty early.

been kissed under the mistletoe by your boy/girlfriend- Sure thing! many times! I heart kissing!

watched the sun rise with someone you care about- Hmm... there was this one time in high school taht I stayed up all night at a party with this guy I LUVed and we watched the sunrise. He was real hot and we were a couple for that weekend. Turns out he had a girlfriend and I got back together with my ex. He still IMs me though. But other than that- I don't recall...

made a bonfire on the beach - No, but that sounds awesome!

laughed so hard you peed your pants- Yeah. I peed a little just now. Peeing your pants is funny.

cheated on a test- Yeah. Hence why I know NO Latin.

been kissed by someone you didn't like- Yeah. It's called Drunk at College. People have always loved to try to kiss me.

gone skinny dipping in a pool- I grew up with a house with a hot tub and pool... yeah... tons of nakedness in the H2O
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