Sunday, November 27, 2005

Turkey and Beer

Happy Thanksgiving all- a little belated!

I traveled to Cincinnatti to meet the future in laws on Thursday morning and we headed north to their family Thanksgiving. Tons of food was eaten, laughs were had and games were played- pretty awesome Thanksgiving they have going on up there! The next night J's mom and sister threw me a bridal shower with his family! It was awesome! Tons of great stuff and, again, great laughs... all in all, a great holiday celebration!

Saturday night I met up with the girls from college. Met them at Macaroni Grill and shared a glass of wine while they finished dinner. I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants, which was pretty must standard for the rest of the evening. I had thought about driving home because I was not feeling up to party par, but 10 minutes with the ladies and I knew it was a night out in Cinci. Went shopping and got a HOT top (red tank with silver sequins all over it!), borrowed a pair ofLizzie's jeans, throw in some new dangling earrings and I was good to go. I will post pics when I get them.

The night began at Liz's with some drinkage and then off to the bar. I won't lie. When I walked into the bar, I was a little dissapointed, it seemed, well, less than hopping. I was reassured that as the night got older the club would be all the rage. Got hit on by 22 year old, who, we admitted, were surprisingly smooth for being so new on the bar scene (minus the one with the open button up- nos hirt on underneath- are you kidding me?!). I will say that I feel bad for men who approach my friends and myself. As these young men found out after the approach. They sat down after Lee and I went to the bathroom and when we returned I did look at the one young buck who reached his hand out to me, "Yeah. You're in my seat." Then they proceeded to tell us that another club was "retarded"- which is apparently, a good thing? Who knew?! Laura is ignoring them completely at this point, as our table is now the eye candy of the bar, with a group of men surrounding it, and Liz looks up and says "Yeah, that place is chachy. We're not going there." I believe a "Have fun at your retarded club" was thrown in for effect at the end there. Poor boys.

Met up with another friend and her guys as the club really started to pick up. Had my standard dance off and assisted in avoiding the sketchy men who can't dance and continue to attempt a grind on me. At one point I did turn around and hold up the ring, as I'm known to do when I'm out. Follow it up with a "And he will kill you" line and bam. Works 90% of the time! Broke some hearts, in spite of the fact that I was COVERED in sweat. Literally, I was slick. My hair was nasty, but as I looked around most of the people were covered in their own sweat at this point, so I felt less nastified. Danced the night away- literally, had a song sang to me by a guy we know who has the most amazing voice I've heard in person. Also a phenominal dancer. And straight. And, if I'm being honest- a bit of a hottie. The girls and I refer to these guys (and this one in particular) as the "if I were single" guys. Which is why you keep them around as friends- especially when the sketchy guys at the club don't get the hint- call in If I Were Single reinforcements! It's always a good plan. Plus, then they'll sing to you. And what gal doesn't love that?

We left the club and rolled home to Liz's where we partook in some pizza, laughs, drunk text messenging back and forth and just a little bit of drama, which needs not be broadcast to the world. I had no idea what time I passed out, all I know is that I was probably laughing when I did.

All in all, a great end to a great weekend.

Except I think I'm sicker now than I was before. Was it worth it?

Oh yeah. :)
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