Friday, November 18, 2005

The Weekend Ahead

The day has flown by, which is unusual for a Friday, and now I find myself trying to tie up the loose ends of the week. It’s cold outside and I can’t help but think about how excited my dog is when it snows. I definitely wish for snow this weekend- and I know all of you in Indy are hating me right now, but I’m just in too damn good a mood to care!

I talked to J on the internet yesterday for 2 hours and a little bit today- he’s feeling better- and coming home so soon it fills my dreams every night! I can’t wait to be able to not sleep alone anymore, and have a bed companion who doesn’t try to kick me out- as Eddie tends to do. I’m in the holiday spirit, despite my attempts to try to ignore the premature Christmas lights on houses, and the ridiculousness of the stores. The reason I love the holiday season is just being able to give myself over to it and enjoy the spirit of friends and family. And with J coming home so soon, I can’t help but feel as though I’m getting my Christmas gift a little early this year. My birthday, too, in fact!

I’m going to go serve "Thanksgiving" dinner by myself tomorrow morning at a shelter downtown. It’s a good time for reflection and helping others. My grandmother’s birthday is today- so I am taking them out to dinner and am more excited than ever to give her her gift. I bought it a few months back and when I saw it I thought of her. A Nativity (she collects them), beautifully painted, with verses from the Bible on each piece. I really think she’ll love it- at least I hope so. Saturday is full of more birthday with the extended family- I’ll bake the cake. I love to cook birthday dinners...

Seeing Harry Potter with my mother and my little brother on Sunday and it makes my weekend complete. Hopefully it will turn out as well as I have planned it-

What do you have planned?
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