Thursday, December 29, 2005


I know it’s been forever since I have posted on here, and it’s not for lack of subject matter.

It’s more a lack of time.

The new promotion at work eats up most of my days and then night is full of sleepiness and phone calls traded with J (which is amazing to be able to do again!). The holidays were joyful and substantially better than last year’s tearful season. J got me the new Ipod- which I still don’t know how to use- he’s supposed to teach me this weekend! Exciting stuff! Spent Christmas with my family the Friday before, then went down to visit with his family for Christmas Eve and that morning, then drove back to Indy again Christmas night and J left the next morning. Whew! A lot of driving! But full of good conversation- J being about the only person I can do road trips without music blaring in the background. Car trips are always sort of our chance to sit and talk. We discuss everything from us to religion to politics. It’s nice. J is so knowledgable- and although 90% of the time I want to bash him in the face when we get into a debate- I somehow always end up enjoying it.

That’s love.

Our New Year will be a special one-

a first.

Although we have spent New Year’s together in the past- it was not while we were dating. More that we were both present at the same party- both kissing other people, at that! 2 years ago, J was in Korea and I talked to him in a drunk stupor for about 5 seconds. Last year was Iraq, and now, finally we will be able to celebrate the New Year together. We are going out to dinner and then over to Mandi’s for a party, then ending the night at a hotel here in town. It should be a fantastic evening!

What are your plans?
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tagged Again

Nothing better than being tagged- especially when you are bored at work! :)

1) Thank the person who tagged you
2) List 5 strange/weird/random things about you
3) Tag 5 people

Thanks to you, Miss Katie whom I love and miss! :)

1.) I hate trying to think of random facts about myself.

2.) I secretly wish I could be religious and am jealous of those who can truly give themselves so readily to faith.

3.) I always psych myself out when I walk to my car at night, thinking they could be someone underneath. Sometimes it's so bad that I literally jump into the car as fast as I can. Otherwise they could slash my Achilleas tendon and I would die.

4.) I'm attracted to alternative and punk guys, even though I've never really dated one.

5.) I wish that I had stuck with my education major in college.

Psycho, Matt, C, Cheryl, and Kathi

Consider yourselves tagged.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Creative Writing

I realized this morning as I stared at the morning me in the mirror that I, at heart, am a writer. I examined my face and wrote poetry in my head as I prepared for my day. I would love to be able to sit and stare at the ocean, with a pen in my hand and a bottle of pinot nior beside me, and write my days away- inspired by the beauty that can only be provided by isolation and nature.

Instead I do what so many of us do:
I work.

I sit at my desk through my day, and although I don’t hate my job by any means, it leave little room for my creative side, minus the blogging breaks I take through the day when life slows down (a.k.a. Lunch). I work through the day and night is full of too tired to do anything and television land. The weekends are busy with Christmas shopping, errand running and catching up with friends. I accept that I choose to do these things, just as I choose the OC in the evening, when I could easily be writing, but the inspiration just isn’t there. And I don’t quite know how to find it.

In my most honest moments, I know that most of what I write is novice and I am horrible at grammar and I write like I feel- passionately- and usually before I think it through. I know I’m no Sylvia Plath, but I enjoy the feeling of sitting and thinking and expressing my emotions through my words. Words are so powerful- they have the ability to lift up, to destroy, to teach, to enlighten... They are my saving grace and they are my weapon of choice. I wish that I were just better at putting them together sometimes.

"If I collected all of my accomplishments, and lined them along my dresser like the salt shakers from the diner, I am most proud of your love for me."
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Monday, December 19, 2005

Look Who's Back

I am back folks! That’s right! The long awaited return of the anti-drama queen is here!

So hiya!

I hope the preparation for the holidays is going well... I finally finished buying all of my Christmas presents this weekend, and managed to avoid a murder conviction yet again during the holidays (which was NOT easy in the hell hole that is Wal-mart). And now I am back in my office in chilly 4 degree weather (yes, that is a single digit folks), and wishing that I was down in North Carolina.

As you must know, J is home now! (Cue the hoorays...) Be prepared for an update- it will probably be long- I just wanted to warn you.

I drove down to Louisville on the 6th to be ready to go bright and early on the 7th with his mother. We drove to North Carolina and stayed with J’s cousins for the night. This night involved me getting intoxicated at their country club off of many glasses of wine. Embarrassed much? Yes. But it happened- and I’m all about the honesty- so there ya go. Drunk.
The next morning was filled with hung over and no food for me. We drove to Fayetteville, which is more commonly referred to as "the armpit of North Carolina", where J and I had made our home pre-deployment. His mom and I drove to our first apartment on the list I had made and BAM! We had a winner. Not the world’s most amazing place, but clean, quiet and with a relatively good location. Oh, and cheap. Let me not forget cheap, which is, frankly, always most important. ;)

J’s dad flew in that night and I fell asleep that night feeling like a child on Christmas Eve, knowing the sooner I sleep the sooner morning will come, thus making sleep impossible. The next morning I woke with butterflies the size of softballs fighting each other in the stomach. I was sick, I was dizzy, I was happy, I was nervous- I was ready for this year apart to finally be over. We went to the Airforce base where the soldiers would return and waited... and waited... and waited... Until finally they opened the doors, and we watched as the plane rolled up, the guys unloaded and made their formation. All of the friends and families were crowded around the door, watching for their loved one to emerge from the outside. Of course, J’s group was the last to come in. Admittedly, my eyes were filled with tears and I was about the hyperventilate when I saw his face. He looked so thin, his hair was much longer, but more than anything I could not believe that he was really there- and home for good (knock on wood). As soon as the ceremony was over the crowd burst with excitement- I could no longer see him, and I felt lost in a sea of desert camo. Finally there he was, right in front of me. We hugged for an eternity and I, of course, cried like a baby (because that’s what I do). The rest of the day was spent getting his things together, signing the lease, packing the car and driving to Murtle Beach, South Carolina, where his family has a condo. We stayed there for the next few days. Ate a lot of seafood, celebrated my 25th birthday, walked on the beach, talked a lot and just enjoyed having him home again.

The next few days we said good bye to his parents at the airport and spent our time trying to take care of all that we could before I had to leave. Having him home is like making myself whole again. I feel complete- content- and just truly happy. Coming home was hard, I won’t lie. But all I can do is look forward to the next time I see him (in 4 days) and remember that this separation is, again, only temporary and only for a few months. And now I don’t have to worry about him. I have him back in the states and safe.

And with a cell phone.

Ahh bliss.
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Monday, December 05, 2005

short and sweet

So tomorrow I leave to drive down to Louisville. From there, J's mom and I will drive to North Carolina and get prepared for J's arrival. Pick up his dad at the airport the next night- get some sleep and be up and ready to meet J's troops in the early morn...

I am filled with excitement- anticipation. Every day I am reminded of how lucky I am: to be in love with a man who is So Good.

I can barely contain myself, knowing that in just a few days this dreaful year will be over and he will once again be in my arms.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Movie Theatre Whore

Great weekend folks. I was a movie whore this weekend... Saw "Rent" on Friday night with Matt- and, although I loved the stage show, I also enjoyed the film! So many told me that they didn't like it- but I truly did. I mean, when you can sing along with every word- what's not to love?!

Today I wrapped all my Christmas presents and then saw "Walk the Line: with the Mike. GREAT film. Really great.

Not too much else to write... but I will close up with two quotes from my weekend...

Me: "OH! I've got a great story about STDs."
Matt: "Where's the quote book. I need to write this down."

Mike: "It's amazing how much our lives parallel Johnny Cash and June Carter's."
Me: "Yeah. It's so nice to have everything all planned out for us."

And last but not least- Next weekend is my birthday. It will be celebrated with my fiance. That's the best birthday present I could ask for! :)
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Friday, December 02, 2005


Lately, among my friends, the subject of "types" has been popping up quite often. What’s your type, what attracts you to someone, what turns you on/off, you get the picture.

It’s amazing how different everyone’s answers are. One friend loves that whole Latin lover thing: dark hair, salsa dancing- that whole, not speaking English thing. Another falls for the pretty boys- she prefers them blonde and well endowed, in the wallet, as well as elsewhere. One best friend adores black men: must be well built and amazing on the club scene. Yes, my girlfriends are connoisseurs of men. They are specific and focused on what they like and moreso on what they want. These women don’t have mediocre sex. They have phenominal, gasping in between, time for round 3, romps in the night time. They are modern day sirens, beautiful and enticing, yet aloof and somewhat bitchy. They have generally scoped out a bar before the first pick up is thrown at them, and are ready to dismiss before the drinks can be served. They can do this because, again they know what they’re looking for: their "type."

I’ve ever really had a type. Okay, there are the obvious: attractive, funny, outgoing, intelligent, and admittedly, I have a thing for a great dresser. But as I look back on the people I have dated, they have little in common. Sure, many of them come across as arrogant...Cocky even... And yes, they DO dress well (sweet Express for Men...)... and, duh, I consider them attractive- or else I wouldn’t have dated them! But in general, the people I have dated are all different. Their looks range from Model to Punk, their interests from academia to the arts, and their personalities from meek to well, a little obnoxious. Even my friends try to guess what J is like, since many of them have yet to meet him, and the "type" does not apply to me. I blend in with my friends, as I always have, knowing exactly what I want- when I see it. There just must be something about a person that catches me eye- and then- it’s on. With J it was his presence (and his broad shoulder!)- he has perfected an attitude that compares to none and once you meet him, you can’t get him out of your head. Now that’s a type.

So I guess here’s my question... do you have a type? And if so, do tell!
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