Thursday, December 29, 2005


I know it’s been forever since I have posted on here, and it’s not for lack of subject matter.

It’s more a lack of time.

The new promotion at work eats up most of my days and then night is full of sleepiness and phone calls traded with J (which is amazing to be able to do again!). The holidays were joyful and substantially better than last year’s tearful season. J got me the new Ipod- which I still don’t know how to use- he’s supposed to teach me this weekend! Exciting stuff! Spent Christmas with my family the Friday before, then went down to visit with his family for Christmas Eve and that morning, then drove back to Indy again Christmas night and J left the next morning. Whew! A lot of driving! But full of good conversation- J being about the only person I can do road trips without music blaring in the background. Car trips are always sort of our chance to sit and talk. We discuss everything from us to religion to politics. It’s nice. J is so knowledgable- and although 90% of the time I want to bash him in the face when we get into a debate- I somehow always end up enjoying it.

That’s love.

Our New Year will be a special one-

a first.

Although we have spent New Year’s together in the past- it was not while we were dating. More that we were both present at the same party- both kissing other people, at that! 2 years ago, J was in Korea and I talked to him in a drunk stupor for about 5 seconds. Last year was Iraq, and now, finally we will be able to celebrate the New Year together. We are going out to dinner and then over to Mandi’s for a party, then ending the night at a hotel here in town. It should be a fantastic evening!

What are your plans?
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