Friday, December 02, 2005


Lately, among my friends, the subject of "types" has been popping up quite often. What’s your type, what attracts you to someone, what turns you on/off, you get the picture.

It’s amazing how different everyone’s answers are. One friend loves that whole Latin lover thing: dark hair, salsa dancing- that whole, not speaking English thing. Another falls for the pretty boys- she prefers them blonde and well endowed, in the wallet, as well as elsewhere. One best friend adores black men: must be well built and amazing on the club scene. Yes, my girlfriends are connoisseurs of men. They are specific and focused on what they like and moreso on what they want. These women don’t have mediocre sex. They have phenominal, gasping in between, time for round 3, romps in the night time. They are modern day sirens, beautiful and enticing, yet aloof and somewhat bitchy. They have generally scoped out a bar before the first pick up is thrown at them, and are ready to dismiss before the drinks can be served. They can do this because, again they know what they’re looking for: their "type."

I’ve ever really had a type. Okay, there are the obvious: attractive, funny, outgoing, intelligent, and admittedly, I have a thing for a great dresser. But as I look back on the people I have dated, they have little in common. Sure, many of them come across as arrogant...Cocky even... And yes, they DO dress well (sweet Express for Men...)... and, duh, I consider them attractive- or else I wouldn’t have dated them! But in general, the people I have dated are all different. Their looks range from Model to Punk, their interests from academia to the arts, and their personalities from meek to well, a little obnoxious. Even my friends try to guess what J is like, since many of them have yet to meet him, and the "type" does not apply to me. I blend in with my friends, as I always have, knowing exactly what I want- when I see it. There just must be something about a person that catches me eye- and then- it’s on. With J it was his presence (and his broad shoulder!)- he has perfected an attitude that compares to none and once you meet him, you can’t get him out of your head. Now that’s a type.

So I guess here’s my question... do you have a type? And if so, do tell!
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