Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And This is Your Weekend Update

Apologies for my delay in updating from the weekend... As most of you know, I went to NC on, admittedly, a bit of a whim. Bought the ticket earlier last week, because being apart for another month was just not going to hack it between J and I. So I rolled down for a short weekend...

It was awesome. Got in on Friday night and we went to dinner at my fav place in Fayett-nam- 316 Oyster Bar. Oh man. So great. Ordered more food than I could eat- gorged on sweet hushpuppies (and I generally don't like hushpuppies- but there- amazing!) and oysters. Since it was late, we didn't go anywhere else that night- and J and I are NOT bar crawlers, so home it was!

Saturday we slept in a little (9), and then got up and got moving to enjoy our day. The weather was great- a little grey, but substantially warmer than the Indiana. Got new glasses, walked around the horrible mall, laughed about how horrible it is, ate some lunch, and generally had a good day. Saturday night was full of to-go sushi and movies On Demand.

Got up even earlier on Sunday and had some breakfast and went to Raleigh for the day. Hit up two malls for shopping, drove around, ate WAY too much goodness from the Fresh Market bakery, had a sickening snack/dinner of mushrooms and cheese fries at the only restaurant open that was near the airport. Sat in the parking lot of said restaurant for over an hour, talking, laughing, with a little "I Spy" thrown in.

Even though the weekend was full of normal, every day, activities- and all being spent in a town that both J and I hate, I was sat walking to my terminal. I wanted to turn and run back- to say screw it to adulthood and responsibility and jobs and life- and go back to enjoying every second with the man I love. To focus on the "now", instead of the "soon." But, of course, that's not how life really works and got on my plane and I went back to Indiana. And I am back at my job. And I am back in my day to day life that feels like it is dragging on so slowly- towards my goal of together and marriage.

I just thank god for cell phones- with great mobile to mobile plans...
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