Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Candy Hearts

I've heard a lot of people recently discussing the day of love. By this, I DO mean Hallmark love, but love nonetheless.

Valentine's Day.

I've heard a lot of people discuss how they no longer celebrate V-day with their husband/wife/lover/friend with benifits/ and any other label we think of to call our current relationship. People talking about the Hallmark holiday and how you don't need one day to tell that someone special that you love them... I do agree on these points...

But is it bad that I love Valentine's Day? I love getting flowers. I love going out for a romantic dinner. It gives us all an excuse to think of ways to be romantic- an excuse that most people need because romance gets lost in the every day craziness that is life.

I love Valentine's Day because it brings people together. It's the day where my grandpa tells my grandma to pick out whatever chocolates she wants and he'll buy them. Maybe not the most romantic moves in the world- but he does it because he loves her and he wants her to know it. It makes people remember to call each other- to send a card- to try to touch someone else's heart and sometimes, make it beat a little faster.

Last Valentine's Day I spent it with two of my best girlfriends. We ate heart shaped pizza and watched "The Notebook." We cried... a lot. I loved it. As cheesy and crazy as it sounds, it totally brought us together. Bonded in a love that girlfriends share- and isn't that was it's all about? the Love.

I'm being bombarded, as is everyone, with commercials that talk of the "perfect" gift, red and pink decorate our stores and even my email spam has caught on with promises of inexpensive gifts and flowers. The thing that gets lost in the hype is the fact that this is a holiday grounded in love- not in jewlry or flowers.

So, hopefully you will all be celebrating this February 14th- and I don't mean by buying gifts- I mean by remembering to show your love to those deserving in your life. And enjoy this Valentine's Day.

This being said- still buy her flowers.

She'll like them.
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