Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Despite the fact...

Depite the fact that it has been pouring down rain
despite the fact that said "rain" will turn to snow by tonight
despite the fact that I am hating the extra 5 lbs on my frame
despite the fact that my office is a ghost town
despite the fact that I picked today to wear heels with no hose (and it's going to snow)
despite the fact that I feel too tired to work out
despite the fact that J is, as always, miles and miles away...

I am in a good mood.

That's a lot to overcome folks. Yes, my feet are a bit chilly, and in a little under an hour I will be sweating my guts out running at the gym (and I hate working out). I dislike winter and love spring and this Indiana tease that we do every year continues to fool me. My boss is MIA due to weird sickness, and my job has been less than demanding of me. The odds are certainly stacked against me to be having a good day, and yet, somehow, I am.

Due to the lack of business (what's up- why is no one having a baby lately?), I have found myself a lot of free time. Usually I would use this time to dork around on the internet, blog about being bored (yes, I am aware I am blogging now- get off me), make some annoying phone calls to J to interrupt his ever so busy day (sarcasm should be noted), and basically waste time away until the clock strikes 4:30 and I roll out. Instead I used today to try to get some wedding goodness taken care of!

I spent the day emailing friends to get their mailing addresses, and, in turn, got to catch up with the people I miss daily. My friends are scattered across the country and, depite my New Year's resolution to keep in better contact, I tend to go days, then weeks, and then months without so much as a text. I am trying to do a better job this year- to make sure those I care for understand they are important to me, and today was a nice step in the right direction. I got news of a new boyfriend, two break ups, many sexcapades (by far the best stories), new jobs, babies, more sexcapades, and a lot of reminising.

It was great!

Plus, I have compiled a ton of addresses for my list, so I can begin to address the envelopes.

All in all, a great day! Now I am getting ready to leave to hit the gym and get a much needed work out in before dinner this evening. American Idol starts tonight and I expect everyone to watch so that we can all mock the auditionees tomorrow.

The OC started a new time slot- one that sort of makes me sad, because now I have to drive over to meet the girls at 8:30, rather than 7:30 and thus getting me home much later in the evening. Aye me. Such is the life of the OC club. Oh well.

Hope everyone is having a good day!
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