Friday, January 06, 2006

Productivity Vs Procrastination

Productivity builds boredom; at least in the workplace.

Procrastination is not conducive to a great working environment either.

The best employees simply know how to manage their time. They do just enough to keep themselves looking efficient and busy, without overdoing it (which creates the opposite effect for the following day). There is a thin line between being overly produtive and being a procrastinator. Some know how to walk that line so well, and I, admittedly, am desperately trying to master their skill.

I find myself constantly falling prey to the first work ethic- I come in and I try to make sure I leave a clean desk behind when I walk out that day. I file away paperwork (aka give it to the girl who files), and even put all of my pens and pencils back in their proper place at the end of every work day. I organize neat little stacks of notepads, even sticky notes, so that my office at least appears to be in perfect order- even if my mind is not. Then the next day I come in and start all over again. This plan can only work for so many days in a row, then, the inevitable happens... I have a slow day. A slow day should be used for catch up. For checking back up on things, making sure the projects for the next few days are in order, touching base with clients. But, I’ve already done all of those things in trying to leave my clean desk. So then I sit, fearful that anyone might know that I, Kellie, have... gulp.... nothing to do. Those dreaded words uttered in any office create tension, especially when fellow co-workers are busy portraying the cliche` chicken sans head.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t have my days. Days where I can see issues that need to be addressed, but, for whatever reason, I know are just not going to happen today. There are days when I listen to my voice mails, knowing that the call back will happen... eventually, but not right away. The days when my pager goes off, and I look at it and groan- not wanting to work (this usually happens around the 1:00am point). But, all things considered, I tend to try to get my work done as quickly as I can. This is mostly due to the fact that I hate, and I mean hate, to feel stressed. Pressure is like a noose tightening around my neck- and although I work in a field where time is of the essence, I find that if everything else is already taken care of, and I only have one case that is time sensitive to work on, life for me is generally easier. I like to take my time. I like to be able to think. I like to be able to figure out my next 3 moves before I make the first.

You’d think I’d be amazing at chess. Alas. I’d be better if I played more, but I hate playing games where I continue to fail. It stresses me out. And, again, I hate stress (I also hate losing).

Today is a TGIF for sure. Glad to have the relaxing weekend here- I have no plans other than catching up on some reading, perhaps writing, and sleeping (a lot). And as annoyed as I am that I am now a bit bored at work, there is definitely an upside.

I actually had time to blog.
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