Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Turning Tides

Today is definitely a new day.

I have a new computer- dude, I got a Dell!

Sorry, bad joke.

Anyway, new computer, which makes me very happy- and motivated to write and work the nights away, rather than be the reality television bum that I tend to become.

The weather is certainly far from beautiful, but thankfully the grey is not wearing my down anymore. I leave in two days for a long, relaxing, happy weekend- and I can't wait! I am glad that my mood has shifted- and my motivation is pushing me to work ahead- therefore eliminating potential hatred next Monday for taking a (nother) day off work.

Finished "Good in Bed" last night and began "The Lovely Bones." Different books completely, and although "Lovely Bones" is nothing to shirk at, Jennifer Weiner just has a way with words that keeps me coming back again and again. She speaks to every woman out there and I feel as though she is a kindred spirit. However, the new books certainly was hard to put down- so I'm not knocking it. Just sayin'... Jennifer Weiner rocks.

So I guess the point to this pointless post (I love alliterations) is that I'm in a great mood.

Hope you are too!
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