Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Year in Review

January 2005- I returned to Indiana on January 1, cried myself to sleep almost every night, got hired by my law firm, missed J all the time.

February 2005- Celebrated Valentine's Day by eating pizza and cheesey bread with Jody and Mandi and watched the Notebook... and cried a lot again, began some soul searching and made the decision to stop drowning my sorrows in alcohol at bars and parties with my friends.

March 2005- Got pulled over for driving while intoxicated, got out of it, really made the decision to stop going out.

April 2005- Soul searching continued and made the decision to make myself write... since i wrote NOTHING in the month of April and a crap ton in the month of May- I think this one worked! Oh. And I saw Ashlee Simpson. And no, I'm so not kidding...

May 2005- Shaun and Kristi got married, I started to deal (really) deal, again, with my eating disorder (see multiple blogs), I missed my girlfriends from college and made an effort to catch up.

June 2005- Jana got married, Jenny's bachelorette party, picked out my wedding bands, freaked out about J coming back for his midtour, started training for the first promotion, loved working with Rachael.

July 2005- J WAS HOME FOR MIDTOUR, my dad died (while J was home for midtour), J went back to Iraq. I cried.

August 2005- State Fair, I learned how much I loved line dancing, I began preparing for my favorite season- sans J.

Septembter 2005- BSU homecoming, I actually began to buy Christmas presents, was in full force in my new position and preparing to move up again, Liz visited Lee and I in Indy.

October 2005- Started wondering where I want to be career-wise in the next 5 years, J got the bronze star, spent Halloween with the family and had a great time!

November 2005- started training for my new position, began preparing for J to come home, served Thanksgiving at a shelter, shared Thanksgiving with my family, went to Ohio with J's for their Thanksgiving, had my first bridal shower, and saw the girls in Cinci.

December 2005- J came home for good, my birthday, Christmas at home with J and the family and then with his family, J back in town for New Year's, spending New Years together... loving my life.

There you have it... my year in review... I am sure I left some things out... next year will be an amazing one.

I'm thrilled it's begun.
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